VTR National Convention 2021

The Mother Road

September 14 - 18

Edmond, OK


Self Guided Tours

National cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

Pops Rt66

Guthrie, OK

Breakfast Runs

Location:  N/A

Date/Time:  N/A


Enjoy the Oklahoma landscape with the early morning runs.  There will be two locations offered on Thursday and Friday morning.  One will be near by and the other much father away.  Enjoy the drive down Rt 66 or keep it local!  These events qualify as moving events.

Gimmick Rallye


Location:  Edmond, OK

Date/Time:  Wednesday and Thursday 

 This event is hosted by the famous devious duo Lonny and Kay Wall.  Participants will be provided instructions and be sent on their way beginning at 9:00am, you must begin the run by 1pm, no instructions will be handed out after 1pm.  Thereafter, the instruction sets will be available in the registration room for late starters.  Completed instructions with driver/navigator names and car number are to be returned to the labeled box in the registration room.  No forms will be accepted after 4:30pm.  This event qualifies as a sanctioned moving event and stickers indicating so will be provided.

TSD Rallye


Location:  Edmond, OK

Date/Time:  Wednesday and Thursday 


This event is set up to be easy to do and enjoyable to drive.  It will be a simple system that everyone can do.  We will send you out into the Oklahoma country side to enjoy Rt66 and what it has to offer.  


Location:  Hotel Parking Lot

Date/Time:  1:00pm – 4:00pm Thursday


The Funkhana will offer several challenging activities for all participants to enjoy.  This event qualifies as a sanctioned moving event and stickers indicating so will be provided. We’ll see what we can come up with.  

Autocross Techincal Inspection


Location:  Hotel Parking Lot

Date/Time:  Various


Your car must successfully complete a safety inspection and each driver must sign a liability waiver. Inspection sessions are being planned in the hotel parking lot.  Inspections other than during these two sessions will be on an emergency basis only or as a re-inspection of a previously failed car.  Following are a few of the most commonly overlooked items:

  • Battery tie down

  • Wheel bearings loose

  • Hubcaps and wheel rings (remove)

  • Loose items anywhere including the boot (trunk)

  • Safe floor mats (subjective…it’s easier to remove them)

  • SCCA requires SNELL rated helmets (loaners will be available)


Location:  Edmond Fire Training Center  DIRECTIONS

Date/Time: 9:00am – 3:30pm Friday

The autocross will take place in the Edmond Fire Training center close to the hotel.  The event will begin with a drivers meeting at 9:00am.  Participant’s cars must successfully pass a mandatory safety inspection (scheduled separately) and participants must sign a waiver of liability before they will be allowed to compete.  We will adhere as closely as possible to the VTR Autocross Rules and classes will be assigned as defined in those rules.  Please verify your assigned class and status at the time that you pick up your registration information.  There will be a sign-up sheet available.


The course will be set-up and facilitated by local SCCA members.  There will be two heats with the classes equally divided between the two.  We will attempt to complete a minimum of three runs per class.  Participants will be expected to serve as corner workers after they complete their runs. 

This event qualifies as a sanctioned moving event and stickers indicating so will be provided.

Dinner Runs


Location:  Hotel Parking Lot

Date/Time:  Evenings leaving at 6:30 PM

We will have two hosted dinner runs.  The seating will be limited, so be sure to sign up when you pick up your registration packets upon arrival.  There will be a short run and a long run, the locations will be the same each night so you will have the opportunity to visit both.  I’m sure they will be delightful and provide a taste of Oklahoma in the spring.  Be sure to sign up at the registration desk.  This event qualifies as a sanctioned moving event and stickers indicating so will be provided.

Concourse and Participants Choice Car Shows

Location:  Hotel Parking Lot

Date/Time:  9:30am – 12:30pm Saturday

The Concours and Participant’s Choice Shows will be held at the hotel.  VTR rules as applies to Concours and Participants Choice will be adhered to in both shows.  Please go to vtr.org to read the rules over before deciding which show to enter and which class your car should be in.  We always need judges for the Concours, so please give your support as a novice or experienced judge.  There will be a Judge’s Breakfast provided on Saturday morning (see schedule) to go over the VTR rules and establish the Judging teams.

Photo/Craft model contest


Location:  Registration Area

Date/Time:  Wedesday – Saturday


We are looking for talented Triumph enthusiasts that in addition to owning, driving and preparing their Triumphs, have some other Triumph related talents.  This Regional will be providing a space in the Registration area to show off those talents in photography, crafting and model building/displaying.  So please bring your Triumph related photos, crafts and models to the Regional.  Judging and awards will be provided by all of the Regional participants.